For 25+ years I've been involved in new media and education. First, as a production artist who grew into building multimillion dollar training software for companies like UPS, Weyerhaeuser, CSX Rail, and Georgia Pacific. During the dot-com boom, I explored VR poetry, early mobile games, and multi-player online games. After the dot-com bust, I picked up a master’s from Georgia Tech and a doctorate from the University of Baltimore. For the past decade, I've been teaching game design online, working with artists, and exploring untouched aspects of 3D virtual design.

Currently, I'm also a caregiver for my mom. There's a longer story to this and to my current life in in rural western New York. Things are good overall, but after 12+ years I'm up for a change. Thankfully, my sister is now in a situation to take over for me. I've ramped up my job search and created this new website. My VR classroom work is also re-emerging thanks to VRChat. There's a tech start-up here, which - like my caregiving - has a longer story.


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